Effective Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Simply Education is a well-established centre that provides chemistry tuition in Singapore. Most of our students who have taken lessons in Simply Education have shown great improvementsunder our guidance.

In our lower secondary programmes, students are introduced to chemistry concepts of elements, compounds, mixtures, atomic structures, chemical changes and their related topics. We placed emphasis on the fundamental concepts which help students to understand and improve their analytical skills.

In our upper secondary lessons, we focus on conceptual understanding, applications of chemistry concepts, correct usage of keywords in answering questions and practicing of examination and experimental techniques.

For our A-level chemistry programmes, students will develop a strong foundation of chemistry principles. We will emphasize on the important chemistry definitions and concepts, and their applications to real-life situations. Ample practice questions are given to reinforce students’ understanding. Students will also learn answering techniques in both written and practical components of the examination.

We give our students intensive questions of varying difficulties that include conceptual and theoretical questions, which will be able to prepare them for their O-levels and A-levels. We will also improve their analytical skills by giving themadequate guidance and assignments. This will help our students to learn to study more efficiently which is critical in helping students with their exam preparations.

Convenient Locations:

Our centers are located in convenient places in residential areas in Singapore, within walking distance from MRT stations.

What is Simply Education’s teaching method?

Our centres not only provide chemistry tuition in Singapore, but we ensure that our students engage and learn the fundamental and analytical concepts of the subject. We emphasize on student-centered approach, which we will cater to different needs of the students. Students are encouraged to ask questions and we will clarify any misconceptions that they have. Our chemistry tutors are all experienced, and have been conducting chemistry tuition in Singapore for many years.

We take pride in our teachers and make sure our students achievesuccess in his education. We take pride in ensuring that we provide effective chemistry tuition in Singapore. We strive to ensure thatour students are successful on their educational path in the years to come.