Simply English

Simply English

Simply Education is proud to introduce a range of English tuition including English tuition in Hougang, English tuition in Tampines and English Tuition in Tiong Bahru which caters to Secondary students, with the goal of tackling the current O Level syllabus in mind. Students will be taught how to identify different question types in their Comprehension and Composition papers, as well as optimal ways in answering them. Critical thinking will be a key skill encouraged in our classes and students will get to hone their rhetorical skills to express their ideas clearly and eloquently.

Tuition will be available for the following levels:

• Lower Secondary

• Upper Secondary leading to ‘N’ and ‘O’ Levels

Students will be given ample opportunity to:

• practise essay-writing and develop logical sequence in expressing their arguments

• practise comprehension and summary-writing exercises

• develop their oratory and speaking skills

• develop their vocabulary and conceptual knowledge of the world

• revise grammatical rules

We seek to sustain our students’ interest in a fun and stimulating environment. Multimedia will be used under the teacher’s discretion to enhance the learning experience.