Simply Science

Primary, O & A levels Science Tuition

The basic concepts of Science subjects are introduced in a simple and interesting way at Simply Science Tuition Centre. Our teachers adopt a systematic approach to effectively explain Science applications and problems. Topics are aligned to MOE syllabus with emphasis on application questions. Students participate in discussions and practices to develop confidence and enhance critical thinking skills in making inferences and solving questions. The techniques of using keywords to answer structured questions are also reinforced. We offer an open consultation approach to cater to different learning needs of the students.

Simply Science offers tuition programmes for students taking national exams, including PSLE, O levels and A levels for physics, chemistry and biology in Singapore. We offer O level physics tuition, A level chemistry tuition for students taking exams in Singapore. We have Tuition programmes are conducted in Tampines, Hougang and Tiong Bahru.

  • Primary 3 to Primary 6 science tuition

In Simply Science, new science concepts that are applicable to daily life scenarios are reinforced. The tuition programme help the students to analyse application and experimental questions, and to use science keywords accurately. In the primary 6 science tuition programme, all the topics are revised intensively with emphasis on the answering techniques of application questions, in preparation for the PSLE Science exam.

  • Lower Secondary science tuition

Science concepts of physics, chemistry and biology are taught and explained in a systematic approach in the tuition programme. Some upper secondary science topics are also introduced which help students to achieve a more in-depth understanding of the concepts. Students are will learn new analytical and explanation skills.

We provide students with the help and support that they need to excel in their O level Physics. Our tuition programmes are conducted in various parts of Singapore. We will guide them to have a good understanding in physics and to clear any misconceptions in the topics. Students will learn to analyze and solve questions from a given set of data, and to tackle questions of varying difficulties. Experimental techniques and presentation of results are also introduced. O level physics tuition programmes are available in Hougang, Tampines and Tiong Bahru

We will explain rigorously the essential concepts of Chemistry, and simplify relationships and connections between different topics. We will also prepare students in acquiring examination skills, such as using important keywords and analysing application questions. Students will also learn qualitative analysis techniques and experimental planning, as part of their practical examination preparations.

  • Upper Secondary Biology (pure/combined) tuition leading to N and O levels in Singapore

In the O levels Biology programme, we will help students to understand and apply the facts and concepts. Students will develop critical thinking skills with more practices, learn to analyse experiment based questions and to produce answers with complete and correct keywords. They will also learn experimental techniques to prepare for their practical examinations.

  • Junior College H1 and H2 Physics tuition leading to A levels in Singapore

In our A level Physics tuition programme, students will develop a strong foundation in Physics principles and concepts. We will guide the students to analyse the question and to apply concepts to real-world application questions. Students are encouraged to ask questions and we will provide support to clear any misconceptions of the topics that they have.

  • Junior College H1 and H2 Chemistry tuition leading to A levels in Singapore

Our A level Chemistry tuition programme aims to develop and enhance students’ understanding of the fundamentals of the topics. Students also develop critical thinking and analytical skills to solve complex chemistry questions and answer effectively. With a strong foundation and good results in A level chemistry, students have an advantage in applying to many tertiary courses in Singapore and overseas universities.