Mr Boey Dengqing

Mr Boey (you can call him Dengqing) has a proven track record in coaching students to a higher English proficiency. He has taught a myriad of students, from Primary and Secondary pupils to working adults, in his five years of teaching experience. Always, the academic rigour required of him to graduate from the National University of Singapore in his Master’s Degree course has held him in good stead. And always he has tried his utmost to pass on the same level of excellence to his students.

Dengqing is very familiar with the current O Level English syllabus (1128). As such, in addition to helping students to expand their repertoire of English skills, including vocabulary, grammar and creative writing, he tends to focus on examination skills as well. He has successfully tutored a student to a grade of B3 from that of F9, within a span of six months.

Dengqing believes in nurturing independent thinkers and wants his students to use the English language as an effective communication tool in order to better their own lives and improve the flow of interchange of ideas in our world. He is respected by his charges and trusted by parents.

    • Academic Achievements:
    • • Master of Arts in Literary Studies
    • • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Honours
    • • An SAT score that is above 90% of his cohort


    • Subject Expert:
    • • English


    • Teaching Level:
    • • Secondary (Lower & Upper Levels)


    • Strengths:
    • • More than five years of tutoring experience
    • • Able to sustain interest in students
    • • Able to simplify difficult concepts using real-world examples
    • • Patient


  • Insights of Teaching Style:
  • This teacher believes that no academic difficulty is insurmountable if the student is willing to learn and the educator willing to impart. The goal of teaching the English language is to produce articulate people, incisive in thinking, who will be able to present their ideas and opinions in a clear, logical and constructive manner.