Ms Yang Fang

Ms Yang Fang

Ms Yang is an experienced tutor with a proven track record. She graduated from Hua Chong Normal University with Bachelor of Arts(Honour), majored in Chinese Language & literature and obtaining excellent academic portfolio.

Ms Yang has more than 15 years in teaching experience. She has taught a myriad of students ranging from primary, secondary, JC pupils to working adults in Singapore. She is very familiar with the current MOE Chinese syllabus. She is used to helping students to expand their repertoire of Chinese skills, including speaking, reading, writing, listening. She teaches students in accordance of their aptitude, she expertise in focusing on examination skill as well  

Ms Yang is a patient, responsible, well-received teacher.  With her abundant teaching experience she successfully guides students to achieve significant improvement and excellent results. she is respected and trusted by parents.

  • Academic Achievements and Teaching Qualifications 
  • • Degree of Bachelor of Chinese and Language with honours.
  • • Advanced Diploma in English Language
  • • Diploma in Business Management.
  • Subject Expert: 
  • • Chinese
  • Teaching Level:
  • • Primary
  • • Secondary
  • • Junior College
  • Strengths:
  • • More than 15 years of tutoring experience.
  • • Bilingual explanation of difficult vocabulary.
  • • Well-versed in Standard, Express and Higher Chinese
  • • Empathy towards students

Insights of Teaching Style:

Ms Yang strongly believes that Chinese is not too difficult as long as you put your heart and soul into it. She wishes to encourage her students to extensively use the Chinese language as an effective communication tool in order to better their own lives and future career.  Her strong Chinese education level and background, they enable her to help students achieve their goals.




双语教育是新加坡教育的独特之处,它使新加坡在国际大环境的激烈竞争中立于不败之地。在这个日新月异的时代,学华语是大势所趋, 学好华语将会让学生在未来的学业和职场上如虎添翼。杨老师愿助学生一臂之力掌握好华语, 成就他们的人生理想。