How to Study Smart – A Complete Guide When Studying Science

Important Study Techniques to Score High in Your Science Exams

Science subjects are challenging for the most of the students. Some students understand the topics easily, but they face difficulty in memorizing and applying the important concepts. Do you also find it difficult to learn those chemical names, formulae and functional groups?  If yes, then attending Simply Education’s A level chemistry tuition in Singapore can help you solve your issues.

The academic stress on students has increased a lot during this period as some classes have been shifted online due to the pandemic. But you can effectively reduce your studies stress and burden by using some study tips. These tips that are explained during physics tuition at Tampines will help you to memorise physics definitions and formulae better and improve your academic performance.

Here are the most beneficial tips that can help you achieve your goals.

Practice and Time

Learning any subject requires practice. We need to allocate sufficient time to practice Science questions. Make a daily schedule and follow it strictly. Practice more past year exam questions to gain more exam skills, to know the steps that you need to do, the information that you need and the equations that you use.


Repeating the concepts helps in memorizing better and more effectively. If you go through a definition or formula a few more times, you would be more familiar with it and recall it better during exams. Applying the same principle in your science subjects

Simplify Study Notes

Make studying less overwhelming by condensing notes from class. Underline or highlight key words. You will grasp a deeper understanding of the topics when you are making your own notes. Create visual aids like charts, story webs, mind maps, or outlines to organize and simplify information. They will also assist you in recalling important concepts better. Flashcards are also helpful for you in learning complex reactions in chemistry or understanding physics formulae

Develop the Basic Understanding of the Concept

This is one of the important steps that physics tuition at Tampines lays stress on. Whenever you start learning something new, you first need to pay heed to understand the concept. Try to use your logic and then understand each aspect of the topic. If you follow this tip, you will be able to remember formulas and concepts longer

Read the Topics Before the Lesson.

Do not follow the traditional classroom method where you attend the lesson and do assignments. Try to do some homework before the scheduled class. This method is also commonly known as “flipped classroom” or “class reversed.” It helps students study the material beforehand so that they can avail themselves of that time in asking questions and understanding concepts better during the lecture.

Ask a Lot of Questions.

Do you ask questions in class? If not, then you need to learn to ask during the lessons. Asking questions can solve half of your problems in understanding by making your concepts clear. When revising your topics, write down your questions and difficulties so that you will know what to ask and you can get appropriate answers from your teachers. This will enable you to retain that concept in your memory for a longer time.

Study Science When You are Fresh

The next thing on the list is alertness and freshness. Study when you have a fresh mind as you will be able to learn faster.

Go for Group Study

When it comes to studying tough subjects like physics and chemistry, group study might help you. Group study helps you understand and learn better by exchanging ideas, viewpoints, and questions on various topics. So next time you find it difficult to study, make a group of 3 to 5 students and start a group discussion. However, you need to ensure that you study in an environment where there are no distractions.