Fees Related Questions

1. Are there other fees that need to be paid at the point of registration?
A one-time non-refundable registration fee of S$20 will be collected upon enrolment into the Centre. In the event that the student withdraws from the Centre or takes a break for a month or more, the registration fee shall re-apply when he/she returns.

No deposit is required for our courses

2. When are fees collected?
First month course fee will be collected upon enrolment into each course. Subsequent fees for each course will be collected on a monthly basis at the start of each month. The monthly course fee covers 4 lessons per month. Payment of all fees is by PayNow, bank transfer, cash or cheque only. All fees paid are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-negotiable.

3. What if there are 5 lessons in a month?
Every class will have 4 lessons every month regardless of a 4-week month or 5-week month. There will be no lessons during the fifth week.

4. Are the course materials included in the course fees?
Worksheets that are required for use during lessons are included in the course fees for Mathematics and Science. However, students are required to purchase supplementary materials such as assessment books and school practice papers. Cost of these materials will be collected separately. For Chinese classes, students are required to pay S$30 for a year of supplementary materials which include assessment books and worksheets, and S$20 for a year of photocopying charges.

5. What if a student joins in the middle of the month?
Fees for students who join after the start of the month will be pro-rated based on the number of remaining lessons in the month of registration. The fee for one lesson is equal to one quarter of the monthly course fees. This applies to trial lesson.

6. What if a student decide to stop in the middle of the month?
There will be no refund for lessons unattended should the student decide to stop halfway.


Class Schedule Related Questions

1. Is the centre closed on Public Holidays and School Holidays?
The Centre is closed on Chinese New Year’s Eve and during the Chinese New Year holidays. Lessons are conducted as usual on other public holidays and school holidays.

2. What should I do if I missed a lesson?
Students are encouraged to attend classes consistently. Should the student miss a scheduled lesson, he/she may attend a make-up class for the same subject, at any other timing and branch (subject to availability). There will be no refund or pro-rating of course fees for missed lessons, regardless of reasons for absence, not owing to the Centre’s fault.

3. Will the class schedule change?
In the event that the Centre postpones a class due to unforeseen circumstances, the Centre will do its utmost to inform the students of the change in advance and will schedule a make-up lesson. The Centre reserves the right to alter the course timings and the teaching staff in the midst of course curriculum as when required. The Centre will do its utmost to inform the students of the change in advance.


Teaching Method Related Question

1. How does the Teacher assess if the students have learnt effectively?
Students will be given practices to do during class to assess their levels of understanding and application. Teachers will deliver the lessons in a clear and logical presentation. Feedback will be gathered from students and communication be made with parents (if need be) to ensure that effective learning has taken place. Homework is usually given to students in the primary levels.

2. Are your lessons according to school syllabus?
Yes. Our lessons are developed based on school syllabus (as determined by SEAB, MOE and Cambridge International Examinations).

All terms and conditions stated herein are subject to change without prior notice.